We welcome our foreign visitors. Although most of our online information is held in German, we brought together some facts, pics and music to present it in English. Feel free to download our songs but make sure to bring your seat in a comfortable position. Here's erdbeertörtchen - instrumental pop from Cologne, Germany.

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It’s difficult to detach instrumental music from its prejudices: Immediately you think of mystified hippies who play their easy listening endlessly and talentlessly. Or you might think of choleric men who once gained their glory in hard rock combos. Disregarding these negative connotations, you might think of epic vastness and melancholically overflowing streams of distorted and undistorted tunes. Or think of something yourself for a deliciously prepared salad of metaphors.

erdbeertörtchen don’t have a singer because they don’t wish to become the next counterfeit of long-known grandseigneurs of the post-rock era. They are rather influenced and inspired by a different stile of guitar music: One that is mostly accompanied by singing and which prefers putting the accent on good melodies instead of incessantly raising the musical tension which always results in the same predictable explosions.

It’s quite simple: erdbeertörtchen write pop songs. Never trivial or boring, sometimes swift, sometimes relaxed. A good melody is just what one needs. And you’ll often be tempted to sing along – if only there were lyrics. But you might think of some yourself, such as ‘Since my TV is broken, I’ve been missing nature films’.

In spring 2002 erdbeertörtchen’s first 7’’ was published by their own label “Köff-Köff-Schallplatten”. An amazing long-play album ("wald") followed in 2003 in cooperation with the cologne based Label “Tumbleweed Records”. In May 2007 their second album "Humbug, Watson." was released.

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from "wald" (2003)

from "Humbug, Watson." (2007)

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"There are a few weird bands around. And Erbeertörtchen is among them. Not because it's Guitar Rock without a singer. But because it's accessible instrumental music. And I don't know any other instrumental band that is accessible. "Wald" is their first album. It's quite close to late Celestial Season. For a bigger name I'd refer to a band like Mogwai, but erbeertörtchen is more Rock, less lunatic. You might enjoy this album really much if you don't mind the absence- of a singer. That has to be the difficult part for most listeners though. Cause, strangely enough, it seems pretty easy to add a vocal line to all the songs. But you can sing along with your own written lyrics of course. There is always a melody to be found here or there. Unfortunately it sometimes happens to be one with a cheesy keyboard sound. But none the less, the songs are very well-written, relaxing, with a nice build-up, ending into great climaxes. And they've managed to keep it flowing through the whole album. For my part they should search for a singer, but that's probably the thing that they will never do. And you have to give them respect for that. They don't care about the commercial trends, without forcing themselves to be alternative." [Mariner]
"Wow. I'm really impressed. I didn't really like what Tumbleweed put out so far but this blew me away. Erdbeertörtchen play like cute Indie but they don't have a singer so you have to imagine a band that plays like really simple songs like verse, refrain etc. but nobody is singing. This record is just nice, you can just listen to it while you are doing other stuff or make your own lyrics and sing to their songs or whatever. I just can't stop to mention how good this record is. This is music that makes you love life. The artwork is nice too by the way, it looks like a child book or whatever. Aaaaaaaaah. I hope I am able to see them live one day. Thank you Tumbleweed and thank you Erdbeertörtchen." [id]

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